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About us

We are pleased to meet you on the website of Raziotel Hotel network and welcome you to learn more about us!


The target audience of Raziotel hotels is business guests, sportsmen, students and economy tourists. Raziotel hotels offer contemporary travelers everything they need at reasonable price: modern rooms of European 3 star level, free breakfast and Wi-Fi, high-quality service which is traditional for Reikartz Hotel Group hotels.

For the logo of the new brand there was chosen the Greek letter φ — Phi — symbolizing balance and golden proportion (Golden Ratio).

Reikartz Hotel Management plans to open Raziotel hotels in all region centers and large cities of Ukraine.

Reikartz brands

Reikartz Hotel Group – the umbrella brand which unites four hotel chains under the management of Reikartz Hotel Management.


Reikartz Hotels & Resorts unites 3+ and 4-stars hotels in the largest cities and resorts of Ukraine. Each hotel of the chain is notable for its high level of comfort, strict correspondence to the European standards of service, and cordial attitude towards the guests.

Vita Park

Vita Park is the chain of wellness-resorts in the most beautiful and ecologically clean places of Ukraine. The hotel offers the wide range of activities for the whole family and health-improving services from the organic materials. The first hotel of the brand — Vita Park Aquadar — was opened on the 1st of May, 2012.


Optima Hotel – the optimal choice for every traveler. Hotels under the brand name Optima Hotel will offer customers with different needs and budgets the best price/quality option in the three-star segment.


Raziotel is the chain of 3 star business hotels in the cities of Ukraine. The motto “Reasonable hotel by Reikartz” reflects precisely the brand conception – guest pays only for what he needs. The first hotel of the new chain Raziotel Kyiv was opened in June 2012.

Managing company

Reikartz Hotel Management is the leading Ukrainian hotel operator, managing nowadays 30 hotels of 3, 3+ and 4-star level under brands: Reikartz Hotels & Resorts, Optima Hotel, Raziotel and Vita Park.

Reikartz Hotel Management

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