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22 January 2015

Reikartz company will run tree hotels in Kryvyi Rih

Jan 19, Kyiv – Reikartz Hotel Management announces about the joining the chain of two hotels in Kryvyi Rih. Before these hotels were a part of the Premier International hotel chain. Further the hotels will be positioned as Optima Deluxe Kryvyi Rih and Raziotel Kryvyi Rih. There is also a four star hotel Reikartz Aurora Kryvyi Rih in the center of the city and managed by Reikartz company from the year 2011.

Raziotel Kryvyi Rih is located in 10-minute walk from the main train station. It is a tree star hotel that offers 47 rooms. Just in 10-minute drive there is one of the core enterprises of Kryvyi Rih Arcelor Mittal.

Optima Deluxe Kryvyi Rih is situated in the northern part of the city in 5-minute drive from the railway station “Kryvyi Rih-Rokovataya” and offers its guest 68 modern rooms. The hotel locates in the green part of the city near the park and not far from the main industrial companies: EVRAS Sykha Balka, Kryvyi Rih Iron Ore Plant, Krivorozhstroy, Northern and Central Mining and Processing Plant of SCM Group

Expansion of the hotel chain in Kryvyi Rig comments Andrew Dema, CEO Reikartz Hotel Group:«Kryvyi Rih is considered to be one of the largest cities in Europe. In Kryvyi Rih city there is a high concentration of the industrial enterprises. Now we can offer our customers three different hotels to choose in various locations and prices, but with high level of service».

Nowadays National hotel chain Reikartz Hotel Group unites 28 hotels in the major cities and resorts in Ukraine.

More about Reikartz hotels in Kryvyi Rih: Reikartz Aurora Kryvyi Rih, Optima Deluxe Kryvyi Rih и Raziotel Kryvyi Rih.

19 January 2015

Reikartz company announces about Raziotel rebranding

January 13, Kiev — Reikartz Hotel Group announces about the repositioning of the brand Raziotel. Now the brand of economy hotels Raziotel will be divided into two brands Raziotel 3 * and Raziomotel 2*.

Brand Raziotel are «three star» hotels located in small towns and on the outskirts of large cities and industrial areas, close to train stations and airports.

Brand Raziomotel are «two star» motels that will be opened on the highways at the gas stations near the small towns, at the entrances and exits of the major cities.

Raziotel Kyiv is the first hotel to become a tree star hotel. There is a café, room’s equipment and services completely correspond to the three stars hotel according to the European system HOTREC. Magnus Vetterholm, CEO Reikartz Hotel Group, comments on rebranding: “Rooms in Raziotel Kyiv hotel in their area and equipment corresponded to 3 *hotel according to European level, but to assign a third star hotel we had to expand the range of services. Reikartz Hotel Group aimed at it from the opening. At the beginning hotels under the brand Raziotel were designed as an economical option for short stay. Raziotel Kyiv became popular so we decided to a cafe in the hotel. Nowadays the café is open until 23:00 and offers lunch and dinner as well as snacks and desserts”.

The next hotel joining the brand Raziotel will be three star hotel Reikartz Pochayiv. The Rebranding of Reikartz Pochayiv hotel is planned on February 2015. In 2015 the company is going to open 2 hotels under the brand Raziotel in Ukraine.

In 2015 it is planned to open two pilot hotel brand Raziomotel together with the largest gas stations operators. Hotels under the new brand will have 50 rooms that can available for booking with breakfast and without. Breakfast in a motel will be provided at café at the gas station, and one of the operators will serve as a receptionist for check-in and check-out.

Nowadays in the Reikartz company's portfolio there are 26 hotels, working under four brands: Reikartz Hotels & Resorts, Optima Hotel, Raziotel and Vita Park.

To know more about the brand Raziotel:

24 December 2012

Reikartz Hospitality School graduates its first students

The advanced training course included 9 units, devoted to the various topics of the hotel management.

The curriculum of General Manager advanced training included 9 courses on different areas of hotel management. There were 2 options for the taking the course: by units and or a full course. The first free open module was held in Kyiv in March, 2012 and gathered 150 participants. The following 7 modules united more than 80 representatives of the national hotel market and more than 20 recognized experts from Europe, Russia and Ukraine. The final 9th module was of a practical nature.

The final test completed the first academic year at Reikartz Hospitality School in November, 2012. The students had to participate in all school modules and earn the passing score at the final examination. According to the test results, 21 participants became the first graduates of Reikartz Hospitality School. All of them received a graduation certificate of a General Manager qualification.

At the end of the course the School organized an edicational tour for the students to Istanbul in December, 13-16. The participants visited the important hotel industry facilities: chain and non-chain hotels, design hotel, luxury hotel, well-known restaurants. Representatives of Turkish hotels shared their own management experience, described the structure and work organization of hotel departments and showed them around.

"I am grateful to the organizers of the project for a great opportunity to enrich my personal knowledge required for successful running of the hotel. Many things that I had learned in trainings, I have already implemented in our hotel. The results have amazed me!"- said Jana Kurinnaja, a graduate of Reikartz Hospitality School.

Irina Barabanova shared the plans of Reikartz Hospitality School for 2013: "The completed project has received a lot of positive reviews. We promise that Reikartz Hospitality School will continue its work next year. Follow our news in January, 2013”.


26 November 2012

Magnus Wetterholm appointed Operational Director for Reikartz Hotel Group

Reikartz Hotel Group, the Ukrainian hotel chain, has appointed Magnus William Wetterholm as a new operational director of the company.

Magnus Wetterholm graduated from Hermods Liber College, Faculty of Economics, in Spain. Since 1994 he has been holding leading positions in the prominent chain hotels in Sweden, among which Radisson SAS Strand Hotel (Stockholm), Best Western Hotel Eggers (Gothenburg), Home Hotel Bilan Karlstad (Karlstad), Quality Hotel Arlandastad (Stockholm), Quality Hotel Panorama (Gothenburg).

In 2006 Mr. Wetterholm became a General Manager of Grand Hotel Saltsjobaden, one of the best known hotels in Sweden. In the past 3 years he operated the club hotel Skandinavia Country Club****, located in the suburb of St.Petersburg.

In his new post, Magnus Wetterholm will be responsible for the operational management of the Reikartz Hotel Group, including launching of the new hotels, sales & marketing procedures.

“It’s a great challenge for me to work in the largest Ukrainian hotel chain which develops very rapidly. We plan to extend Vita Park and Raziotel brands and elaborate new projects as well. Each hotel of the brand has its individuality and I have already joined the Reikartz team work at the new ideas”, comments Mr. Wetterholm.

Reikartz Hotel Group is the largest hotel chain in Ukraine. This umbrella brand unites all the hotels operated by Reikartz Hotel Management company: 19 of them make up Reikartz Hotels & Resorts chain, 1 hotel operates under the Raziotel brand and 3 resorts are integrated as Vita Park brand. Reikartz Hotel Management also manages Atlantika hotel in Sevastopol.


24 November 2012

Raziotel Kyiv offers new room cathegory

Raziotel Kyiv now has a new room cathegory Classic Single.

Modern and comfortable Classic Singles are different from all the other rooms of the hotel only in one thing — they are meant for single accommodation only.

Raziotel Kyiv cordially offers a very special price on Classic Single rooms — 320 UAH! We find this to be a very reasonable value-for-money offer:)